Your child will be growing up fast and getting out and about more now, involved in all sorts of activities. But the bones in their feet are still forming, so correctly fitted footwear is still really important..

You might need a selection of different types of footwear now, such as sandals, casual shoes, trainers and wellies. Start-rite ranges cater for all these footwear needs.

'The bones in their feet are still forming, so correctly fitted footwear is still really important.'


Your child has more controlled movements now and has probably mastered walking, running, skipping, hopping and jumping. Activities that require co-ordination are good now and you can try combining different skills instead of just one action.

Here are some activities to help your child develop:

  • Going to the ice rink for skating and balancing
  • Ask your child to help with chores like gardening and sweeping.
  • Depending on their ability, you may be able to take the training wheels off their first bike.
  • Encourage playing outdoors as much as possible
  • Put a basketball or netball hoop in the garden to help with co-ordination
  • Let them play all-sorts of games with other children like tag, hide and seek and ball games, or even better, make up their own games
  • Some children like games with accompanying songs or rhymes, like skipping or hop scotch

Here are some important things to look for, which you will find in all Start-rite pre-school shoes:

  • Whole and half sizes in up to five width fittings from D to H, to ensure the best possible fit.
  • A selection of colours and styles - children love bright colours and parents like their kids to look good.
  • Breathable linings for maximum comfort, allowing perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe.
  • High grade leather for extra durability.
  • Shoes designed with growing room built in, especially around the toes, to allow for growth.

Once your child is at this stage, you should plan to check the fit of the shoes every two to three months.

Trainers are not ideal for long periods, so limit their wear. Rotate footwear to give shoes time to air and to get more wear out of them.