For the toe draggers, the heel scuffers, the prolific side swipers – 360 degrees of tougher than tough protection.

We know that mini adventurers can be mini wrecking balls – that’s why we’ve poured everything we know into Charge, our latest active shoe. Protection from every angle. For action on any terrain.


Every centimetre of the shoe – from top to bottom – designed to perform.

The right protection in precisely the right place for the most extreme explorations - designed around the ways children scoot, scuff, drag and kick.

Flex grooves designed in collaboration with biomechanics experts – perfectly positioned to enable natural movement on any terrain.

Charge Close Up


A smart blend of materials that combine to push boundaries in durability and comfort.

Water-resistant synthetic nubuck upper bound with super-strong nylon-bonded thread for the ultimate all-weather durability.

Padded ankles, antibacterial linings and moulded footbed for all-day niggle-free comfort.

Charge lifestyle


Testing that goes above and beyond – because kids with big ideas need shoes with high standards.

50,000 stretches, bends and curves on our special flex test machine – to ensure the sole isn’t just tough, but flexible enough for the most active little feet.

Abrasion tested against stones, chisels, sandpaper and more – to help children live without limit.


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