School children are on their feet a lot of the day, so it’s important to choose shoes that offer niggle-free, all-day comfort. Our school shoes are engineered to be gentle on feet from first bell til home-time. Cushioning where it counts and minimal seams that never rub ensure kids get the very best out of their day at school.

Boys school shoe with annotated features and benfits

Whatever the activity, our lightweight, flexible soles offer freedom of movement to little feet. To provide optimum comfort on the move, we add impact cushioning and anti-compression in-soles to reduce the impact on fragile, developing feet as they go about their day. And with all that running about, our shoes have breathable linings and insoles to ensure energetic feet stay dry, fresh and healthy.

Having developed over 24,000 lasts during the past 225 years, we not only create shoes that fit perfectly but specifically for your child’s developing foot shape. Premium materials such as quality leathers mould to the shape of your child’s foot to provide long lasting comfort.

Engineered around the way children move today, we also know precisely where cushioning is required based on life stage and activity levels. Padded ankles give extra comfort around the ankle and reduce rubbing while minimal internal seams reduce the potential for rubbing and blisters.

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