Introducing fun 'Startoons'

Start-rite school shoes for AW16 have added child appeal with the introduction of the Start-rite STARTOONS App.

Selected school shoes will come with a disc that activates lots of interactive fun where children can upload a selfie and make a character come to life. Each shoe style comes with a different tag which represents a different character - you'll find a footballer, princess, spider and pussycat. Watch the footballer play 'keepi-uppies' or the Princess sing and dance!


The discs are really easy to use - simply download the STARTOONS App, point your device at your disc and let the fun begin!

For the girls - Pussycat Bow comes with a Cat Magic Selfie Disc, Princess Elza comes with a Princess Magic Selfie Disc* and Eleanor has a Heart Locket Magic Selfie Disc.

For the boys - Cup Final and Luke both come with a Football Magic Selfie Disc, while Tarantula has with a Spider Magic Selfie Disc.

The Start-rite 'Startoons App' can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

* Whilst stocks last