Smart in classrooms

When there’s a whole world of learning and discovery to be done, we create school shoes that don’t just fit the foot, but fit the child. Our school shoes are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and activity, designed to look smart in the classroom and tough enough to withstand any playground antics.

Classic children's school shoes

Stylish & Iconic - classic girls school shoes

Classic school shoes

If you’re looking for a classic school shoe, we have smart school styles for boys and girls that will be comfortable from the first bell until home time. With classic styles for primary and senior school ages, our school shoes are perfect for keeping up with busy kids’ timetables.

Classic girls' school shoes

With pretty detailing and smart protection, our classic school styles for girls come with in-built comfort features for all-day, all-year round wear.

For primary girls, choose from black leather or patent school shoes in a Mary-Jane, T-bar or brogue silhouette for smart school style. We’ve paired decorative details with quick rip-tape fastenings for a snug fit that young girls can easily adjust themselves.

For senior girls, we have our Angry Angels range, offering the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Inspired by the latest trends in girls’ school shoes, the range is always stocked with sharp, fresh looks that will look smart in and out of the classroom. With chunky soled lace-up styles and slip-on loafers to timeless brogues in a choice of patent or black leather, there’s something to fit every girl’s taste.

Casual & Relaxed - classic boys school shoes

Classic boys’ school shoes

Made from premium materials, our classic school shoes for boys are made to last and ready to withstand any playground antics. We know school shoes need to be hardwearing and tough, which is why we have chosen durable leathers and textiles as well as enhanced grip on the soles for total confidence on the move.

For primary boys, we’ve got smart sporty kicks with quick rip-tape fastenings to get them up and out in a flash. Our school shoes for primary boys are designed for playground-proof fun, with extra protection to avoid scuffs and bumps and flexible soles to freedom of movement.

For senior boys we have our popular Rhino school shoes where you’ll find a choice of lace-ups, rip-tape and slip-on school shoes depending on their preference. Our Rhino range is masterminded with strength and comfort, created to provide hardwearing, durable boys’ school shoes that are made to last.

Comfortable kids school shoes

Comfortable school shoes

When kids feel comfortable, they feel confident - that’s why comfort is one of the key ingredients for our girls and boys school shoes. Whether it’s concentrating in the classroom or running about in the playground, our school shoes are designed to make moving all day at school feel good.

Our lightweight soles flex with the natural movement of kids’ feet, biomechanically engineered to provide targeted flexibility for specific ages, so kids have the free, easy movement they need to run and play. Cushioned for comfort, our insoles will keep growing feet happy all day long, while padded ankles add extra comfort and support to our school shoes.

Leather linings help to keep feet breathing naturally, absorbing moisture and keeping kids dry and comfortable as they go about their school day. There’s a choice of fastenings across our school shoe range, depending on the needs of each child, with lace-ups, buckles, slip-ons, and quick rip-tape fastenings. All of our fastening options allow extra adjustability and a secure, comfortable fit. Plus, with whole and half sizes available, you're bound to find the right size school shoes.

Playground proof school shoes

Playground-proof school shoes

Not only are our school shoes tough on playgrounds, they’re designed with an expert blend of smart materials and intelligently placed protection for kids who want to run and play all day.

Created around the way kids move across the playground, our school shoes have non-slip, flexible soles and cushioned footbeds to encourage natural, easy movement. Heel and toe bumpers help to protect little feet and their shoes from bumps and scrapes, while easy rip-tape fastenings provide an extra, secure fit to kids can run with confidence.

For super active kids, we recommend our toughest ever school shoes. The wraparound sole unit provides 360° protection to keep our tough school shoes looking good for longer.