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Boys pre walker shoes. Age 0-1

Boys pre walker shoes. Age 0-1

Baby boys pre walker shoes. Age 0-1

Our baby boys’ pre-walking shoes are made from high quality, durable materials to make crawling and cruising in all locations safe and fun.

Designed to support little ones on adventures big and small, our collection of boys crawling shoes ensure tiny feet are well supported. Created specifically for pre-walkers’ squidgy, rounded feet, our boys’ pre-walker shoes come in multi-width, whole and half size fittings – offering the perfect fit for growing feet.

And exploration needn’t wait as all our boys’ pre-walkers have riptape fastenings for easy on-off functionality. Choose from a wide range of styles and colours for boys.

At that unpredictable stage between crawling, wobbly cruising and exciting first steps it’s important to have shoes with streamlined soles to give maximum sensory feedback to the brain – helping the development of motor skills that will see crawlers turn to walkers. As your little one cruises their way from place to place, our baby boys pre walker shoes give them a helping hand with heel and toe protection, soft leathers and cushioned insoles to ensure comfort on the move.

We're here for them every step of the way. Once those first stumbles turn to confident steps, our pre-school boys shoes promise targeted protection and flexibility where it’s needed most.