High school shoes

Shop A* styles with our range of quality high school shoes for older children.

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High school shoes

Secondary school shoes

Now their feet aren’t growing quite as fast, we know that one of your top priorities will be investing in school shoes that will last. Our popular Angry Angels, school shoes for teenage girl, and Rhino, school shoes for teenage boy ranges have been specially designed for teenage kids. Inspired by the latest style trends yet always crafted with our renowned comfort, durability and fit, these high school shoes don’t compromise.

Teenager school shoes

Available in a range of styles to suit every taste, our hardwearing high school shoes are carefully crafted from premium leathers. With robust soles and scuff-roof materials, feet can move freely and naturally with padded ankles and heel cushioning. All of our high school shoes undergo rigorous testing in our Norwich lab to ensure they can go the distance.

Senior school shoes

As kids get older, we understand that they develop their own sense of style. So, whether it’s a smart lace-up brogue or a stylish slip-on, you can shop for a pair they love without compromising on quality. Carefully designed to appeal to all contemporary tastes while offering great all-day comfort and protection, our secondary school shoes have both style and substance.