Shoe care

Keep shoes looking good for longer

Whether you're shopping for new school shoes or looking to bring some shine back to a loved pair, keep their shoes looking good for longer with our trusted shoe care range.

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Shoe care

Shoe cleaning

Our mousse leather cleaner is simple to use and removes dirt from a variety of different materials refreshing and cleaning old and tired shoes. Our cream polish will rejuvenate natural leathers, as well as restoring colour to help to bring your child's shoes back to near original condition. Reviving the colour of leather with polishes also helps to conceal any accidental stuff marks too. For a full guide on how to make school shoes last longer you can read our handy blog post which details leather shoe cleaning hints and tips.

Looking to restore the shine of patent shoes? Our clear patent shine spray keeps patent leather looking like new. As well as giving a beautiful shine to leather, this clever spray also prevents patent leather from cracking. Simply spray their shoes or boots from 25cm away and allow the shine spray to dry before polishing using a lint free polishing cloth. Easy-peasy!

When you invest in a new pair of shoes, it can be disappointing when they head out in the rain and start to complain of soggy socks. Our waterproof protector spray is the perfect solution for shoe maintenance. It not only repels water, but mud and oil too. Simply remove dirt from their shoes and spray from 15cm before leaving to dry - it's as simple as that! If you're unsure on how to waterproof leather shoes check out our helpful guide.

Our trusted shoe-care range is also suitable for non-leather footwear. Yellowing or dull white shoes and soles can be a thing of the past with our express whitener. Suitable for rubber soles, leather uppers, canvas and textile you'll find no end to what it can be used on. With a sponge-top applicator and a speedy drying time of 15 minutes, little feet will be on the go again in no time!

Alongside our polishes, whitener, protector sprays and cleaner for shoes, we also have a collection of handy accessories. Tick those last back to school essentials off your list with our name labels, measuring gauges and brand-new collection of backpacks for little explorers.