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We’re proud to be Britain’s oldest shoemaker, caring for children’s feet (and bodies!) since 1792. Every pair is designed by experts based on hundreds of years of knowledge and skill. Our passion for quality has earned us a reputation as a trusted brand, relied upon by generations of families.

The Start-Rite Science

From carrying out the first ever nationwide survey of children’s feet in 1943 to our pioneering biomechanics research today, we’re dedicated to constant learning and refinement.

You’ll find elements of our biomechanics research throughout our collection – including soles with flex grooves designed for specific stages of development, high-performance materials that allow feet to breathe without letting puddles in, and carefully designed tread patterns that dissipate water to improve grip when it’s raining.

The Fantastic Foot

A fully formed adult foot has 26 bones, 19 muscles and over 100 ligaments - these take up to 18 years to develop!

Babies' feet have no bones, just soft cartilage, so even tight socks can damage feet at this age. Chubby feet with square toes and flat arches continue into toddler years - they need support, protection from tumbles and scuffs, and plenty of grip for all that tearing around! As kids' feet grow they become leaner and stronger, but bones don’t finish developing until the late teens so properly fitting shoes are still crucial.

It's all in the fit

Properly fitted shoes play a vital role in safeguarding the healthy development of your child’s feet and preventing foot health problems in adulthood.

Poorly fitted shoes can easily affect developing cartilage, and young children whose nerve endings are not yet fully developed, may not be able to tell you if their feet are uncomfortable. At best, poorly fitted shoes won’t wear as well, so never settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

We create our shoes in both half and whole sizes, as well as multiple width fittings. Over the years we’ve learned where to place protection to minimise scuffs, how to position seams to avoid rubbing, and which fastenings work best to offer maximum adjustability.

We sweat the small stuff so you can rest assured that you’re making the best choice for little feet and their development.