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How to use SizeWise to measure your child's feet

SizeWise's innovative technology provides quick and accurate measurements of your child's feet. This free tool is specially calibrated to match our gauges, ensuring precision and giving your confidence when shopping on our website.

While the technology behind SizeWise is advanced, the tool is easy to use.

Video tutorial for SizeWise

Need more support? The SizeWise team created the below video, showing how to use the SizeWise measuring tool on your phone.

How SizeWise works

Set up

Create a profile: start by creating a basic profile for your child, entering a name, gender and age.
Find an A4 sheet: place a blank, single sheet of A4 paper on a hard surfaced floor. Avoid carpeted or uneven floors and ensure the paper is flat and not crumpled.
Position the foot: have your child stand barefoot on the paper, centring their foot with the outside of the foot aligned with the long edge of the paper. Ensure their stance is parallel, distributing their weight evenly on both feet.

You're now ready to start measuring.


Camera access: allow SizeWise to access your camera. The camera can be paused at any stage.
Measure each foot: measure one foot at a time. SizeWise will automatically identify whether you're measuring the right or left foot.
Align the paper: follow the on-screen instructions to align the A4 paper to the virtual paper seen on screen. The corners will turn green when properly aligned.
Keep in line: ensure the short edge of the paper is aligned with the video's frame when measuring the front of the foot, and the long edge when measuring the outside of the foot. You do not need to measure the inside of the foot.
Repeat for the other foot: once one foot is measured, replace it with the other foot on the paper.


Success screen: after measuring both feet, a success screen will appear, followed by your child's Start-Rite shoe size.
Measurement details: you'll see the shoe size, including width fitting, and measurements in millimetres for both feet.
Shop your size: SizeWise will give you the option to 'shop this size', taking you to our online store, filtered to shoes in your size.