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From our family to yours
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Expertise you can depend on
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100 hands for 10 tiny toes
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Journey of a shoe
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Value you can trust
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Tested to destruction
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Each shoe is touched by over one hundred pairs of hands on its journey from design to your child’s feet.​

10 thoughtful material pickers

Before a shoe even reaches manufacture, it’s designed in-house at our HQ in Norwich, developed and fitted on custom lasts, made into a trial sample, fit-checked by us and wear-trialed by local children to make sure it withstands everything children get up to!​

Around 10 people are involved in picking our carefully sourced materials and components from storerooms and cutting the leathers ready for assembly.

67 skilled machinists

Up to 67 skilled machinists can be involved in stitching all the material pieces and components of a single shoe.​

Our shoes can be made up of dozens of separate parts, from soles and uppers to linings and fastenings.

12 eagle-eyed inspectors

​ It may take up to 33 pairs of hands to bring together all these important parts as well as hidden structures that help create the perfect fit, support and comfort. ​

Around 12 people carefully finish, inspect, prepare and pack the final shoes before they make their way to us.​

4 cheerful pickers and packers

​ Once here, it takes another 3 to 4 people to unpack, check and place the shoes on the shelf ready for you to buy.​