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What is fitted footwear?
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The importance of fitted footwear
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Caring for children's feet
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What to look for when buying kid's shoes
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Children's foot health and development
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Advice on kids shoes - what to look for when buying children's shoes

Why are fitted shoes so important?

Children's feet, especially babies and toddlers, are very delicate and it's important that they are looked after right from the beginning.

Properly fitted shoes allow for unhindered development and allow the right amount of space and support to help the foot develop naturally. Did you know that a lot of children develop foot problems in later life as a result of wearing poorly fitted shoes, so it's vital that they wear the right shoes from the very beginning. You only get one pair of feet so make sure you look after them!

Advise kids shoes - what is fitted footwear?

What makes a good pair of shoes?

It's really important to understand what makes a good shoe when you are looking to buy your child a new pair. Here are the key things to look out for:

Whole and half sizes and a choice of width fittings - this will ensure that you get the best possible fit for your child.
Shoes designed especially for children's feet - designed to match the shape of a child's foot and include that all-important growing room. Remember, the nerve endings in babies and toddler’s feet haven’t fully developed and your child may not be able to tell you that their feet are sore or squashed - so they need footwear with lots of room to grow and regular measuring.
Shape of the shoes - children's shoes should be shaped like a foot. It sounds simple, but some designs can be too pointed or have a 'swung' design which can harm delicate feet.
A choice of fastenings - both buckle and riptape fastenings allow for precise adjustment to help shoes fit the feet properly. Slip on styles should only be considered for older children.
Breathable linings which allow perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe, keeping feet fresh, dry and healthy.

Advise kids shoes - what is fitted footwear?

Choosing children's shoes

With children, it is not appropriate to have scaled down versions of adult shoes. Shoes are vitally important – not just for their foot health, but for their development too.

If your baby is learning to move about, they are developing musculature and strength in their back, legs and feet so it is a very important time to protect their feet. And remember to change sock sizes as they grow as ill-fitting, too tight socks can also cause problems with toes.

The foot of a baby grows rapidly in the first year reaching almost one half of their adult size. As you only get one pair of feet to last a lifetime, it is easy to see why taking care over choosing baby's first shoes is so very important.

Toddlers and older children are on their feet more often than not – tearing around the park or getting under your feet at home. Their shoes not only need to be fitted correctly, but also need to be comfy and long-lasting too.