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Girls school shoes

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Girls school shoes

Our girls school shoes have been carefully designed to appeal to all contemporary tastes while offering great all-day comfort and protection.

From formal brogue to casual kicks, our girls school shoes collection is made from soft premium materials and perfectly positioned padding to guarantee long-lasting comfort.

As each child is unique, both in the way they move and level of activity, our school shoes are custom fit based on development stage and physiology of the foot. Flexible soles offer unrivalled versatility and freedom of movement. Smart protection caters to the diverse ways children get around.

Jam packed school days require school shoes that can meet the demands of a busy timetable. Which is why our girls school shoes are made from high quality yet durable materials and enhanced grip on the soles for total confidence on the go.

We understand that our school shoes need to be stylish and up to date on fashion trends. Whether it’s a chunky brogue or a pretty embellished Mary Jane, there’s a style to suit every girl.

Our school shoes are available in numerous different styles as well as colours including brown, blue and black school shoes for girls. The most classic and often required by school uniform policy colour of shoe for schoolgirls is black. Choose between a shiny t-bar with punch detailing, a simple lace-up black brogue, an elegant ballet pump, and many other shoe styles

To ensure day-long comfort, a perfect fit is necessary. That’s why we have whole and half sizes available from a small size 9 to a large size 9, and up to four width fittings - from E for narrow feet through to H for extra wide feet.

Here at Start-Rite we want every child to have a range of styles to choose from, even if they don’t fit the standard “F” sizing option. Our narrow school shoes for girls are perfectly designed for those with slender and slim feet. Being on their feet for a large part of the day, schoolkids need footwear that is extremely comfortable and durable.

Our range of wide fit girls school shoes and extra wide girls school shoes are available in the same styles, those with broader feet can also choose freely knowing they are wearing a stylish pair of school shoes that are going to fit comfortably all day.

Whatever the school day throws at her, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of school shoes to see her through.

However, if you're still not sure which shoes are best, we have plenty of advice on choosing the right school shoes in our School Hub section.