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Wide fit school shoes

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Wide fit school shoes

Start-Rite’s black school shoes with a wide fit are available in many different styles. Whatever your children’s personality and favourite activities are, there is a perfect match for them in Start Rite.

Our toddler wide fit school shoes are ideal for little ones starting on their new adventure to full-time school

From formal brogues to tough sports-influenced shoes, our wide fit black school shoe range are the perfect school shoes for broad feet. They are made from premium quality materials and feel-good features that try to suit every taste. Our infant wide fit school shoes include easy to take on and off riptape fastening, stylish lace-ups or slip-ons.

Best school shoes for wide feet

At Start-Rite we believe that the width of your child’s feet should never hamper the choice they have when it comes to fashionable school shoes. That is why our wide fit school shoes are available in black as well as a variety of styles and designs.

Finding a pair of school shoes your children can go to school comfortable and confident in is one of the most important things to keep them happy and their wide feet healthy.

A lot of parents struggle to pick the best possible size and fit for their kids broad feet, this is where the measure section of our website is most useful. You can find measuring tools from Click 'n' Fit to a more classic paper gauge.

Boys & girls extra wide fit school shoes

We want to ensure all kids go to school feeling comfortable and confident in their school shoes. This is why we offer extra wide fit school shoes for children with broad feet. Ensuring that their foot width does not hamper the style of shoes they can go to school in - just look or filter for H fit.

The extra-wide school shoes for kids in black offers both a casual and formal look to suit school dress codes. Kids can choose from a variety of different styles including Lace-ups for our more grown-up school kids, rip-tape and closed extra-wide school shoes. .

Our extra wide fit black school shoes are hardwearing, tough and made to deal with a hectic day at school. Crafted from durable leathers and textiles, our infant wide fit school shoes have an enhanced grip on the soles for total confidence on the move. Some children’s school shoe styles such as Extreme also offer 360-degree protection with a wrap-around toe bumper and anti-scuff heel.

With range of different sizes to fit every extra wide foot, from a small size 9, right through to a large size 11. Our school shoes for broad feet are suitable for any age.

Our extra-wide school shoes for children are designed to ensure kids with broad feet can find a perfect fitting school shoe. So, no matter what your child gets up to in the playground you can rest assure they are doing so in comfort.

Wide fit boys school shoes

We’ve been developing shoes for little feet for 230 years! That means we’re pretty much experts at creating wide school shoes that not only fit perfectly but support your child’s developing feet.

Our boys wide fit school shoes are made using premium materials such a quality leathers that are geared to withstanding the constant demands of the playground and classroom. Cushioning is perfectly placed to protect little feet, in our toddler wide fit school shoe range - plus with padded ankles, impact cushioning and anti-compression in-soles reducing impact and rubbing, you have no less thing to worry about.

We also know just how active kids can be and our shoes help keep feet dry and healthy with the help of breathable linings and insoles.

Not only are our boys wide fit school shoes comfortable and supportive, but extremely stylish as well. Your son is able to pick from diverse styles, ranging from sporty and practical, to pretty and stylish. Choose from fashionable T bars, brogues, pumps, slip-ons, lace-ups and more - there's a wide fit option to suit every schoolboy.

Wide fit girls school shoes

Our girls wide fit school shoes are built to see your little girl get through the long school day in complete comfort. Designed to fit wide feet, they offer support and style and are made from premium materials that are guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Our wide fit school shoes in fit G are available in multiple sizes and styles, and we also have extra wide fit school shoes in fit H too. Wider feet shouldn’t limit your choices and you’ll find a range of different options at Start-Rite to suit every personality and age. Choose from casual and easy riptape fasteners in our infant wide fit school shoe range to sturdy slip-ons and shiny T-bars from our toddler wide fit school shoe selection. Interested in pretty details? You're spoilt for choice with gorgeous bow and butterfly detailing, embellishments and more. Keen to keep it plain and simple? Our T-bars and chunky brogues to name just a few, are perfectly practical. .

Just because our shoes are stylish, doesn’t mean they’re not comfortable either. Designed to be gentle on developing feet, our girls wide fit school shoes have flexible, lightweight, soles, impact cushioning and anti-compression insoles. .

Perfectly fitted for all-day comfort and confidence, your child will be free to focus on having fun and learning.