Boys first walking shoes. Age 1-2

Our shoes for toddler boys offer comfort at every step and are are designed to give trusted protection and support to your little ones as they start to explore.

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Boys first walking shoes. Age 1-2

Baby toddler shoes. Age 1 - 2

With brand new prints and packed with handy features, our new arrivals are great for taking on every adventure big and small.

Practising those wobbly first steps is made easy with ultra lightweight flexible soles with just the right amount of grip for natural movement. And to protect little feet, our toddlers first shoes are crafted from premium soft leathers with padding around the ankle to prevent rubbing and keep each step as natural as possible.

Boys toddler shoes

Step up the comfort and style and discover our range of boys pre-school shoes. You can support active feet with our colourful and practical shoes for pre-school age boys. With soft leathers, flexible soles and comfort built in, these styles give flexibility to support their natural walking style wherever their adventures take them.