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Boys pre school shoes

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Boys pre school shoes

Our varied and functional range of pre-school boys shoes and preschool trainers fit securely to a more mature shape while still allowing free movement of the big toe joint. Our toughest ever shoes offer plenty of carefully calculated growing room so little feet can grow and develop as intended.

Whether at playschool, nursery or out somewhere special with the family, removable moulded footbed, anti-bacterial linings and padded ankle keep the most active feet in total comfort.

As they experiment with new skills such as skipping, cycling or scooting, our plimsolls and trainers are designed with ultra flexible lightweight soles and high-traction tread patterns to help them make a success of everything they do.

And the more intrepid of pre-schoolers get additional enhanced protection around the toe, heel and side of the foot to cope with growing types and levels of activity.