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There’s nothing like a baby’s first steps to remind us just how fantastic feet are and how we will depend on them for the rest of our lives.

Most parents remember when their child walked for the first time. In our video, And they’re off!, two mums relive that excitement. As one of them sums up: “Walking is the moment!”

First steps forward

All the facts you need to know about children’s feet

When a child walks for the first time, it can feel like it’s happened instantly, but there are many other milestones your child has already passed that have each played a part in getting their little bodies ready for walking. There’s more about these milestones and the amazing way children’s feet develop in our article the fantastic foot.

Our article on how to care for children’s feet is full of tips to keep feet healthy and in is my child ready for shoes? you can get advice on what footwear children need at different stages of their development.

Fantastic foot

Discover how feet develop and move.

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Foot care tips.

Caring for those precious little feet.

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Ready for shoes?

The DOs and DON'Ts of first shoes.

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