Babies pre-walkers

Babies pre-walkers

Baby Pre-Walker Shoes

Our Pre-Walker shoes are designed to aid early explorations – built on ultra flexible lightweight soles for uninhibited movement during this crucial development phase.

Created specifically for pre-walkers’ squidgy, rounded feet, our unique shoes come in multi-width, whole and half size fittings – offering the perfect fit for growing feet.

Our streamlined soles ensure maximum sensory feedback to the brain – helping the development of motor skills that will see crawlers turn to cruisers, walkers, runners and beyond.

Our softest leathers and cushioned insoles promise fuss-free comfort. Our intelligently designed fastenings make it easy for parents to slide little toes in, and stay secure on the wriggliest of feet.

And our scuff-proof heel and toe bumpers give protection just where it’s needed - ideal when they are crawling and cruising! Featuring a cool range of designs and colours for boys and girls.