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How to measure children's feet at home

Whether it's casual canvas or everyday school shoes, we believe that it's really important to measure children's feet accurately before buying them every pair of shoes. That's because ill-fitting shoes can have a serious impact on your child's foot health for years to come. To help you do this, we offer three ways to measure your child’s feet from the comfort of your own home – plus a guide to help you check the shoes fit once they arrive!

Plastic measuring gauges

We’ve designed these specifically for use at home and have two sizes – Small gauge for shoe sizes S2 to S8½ (or up to around 3 years old) – perfect for measuring baby feet and the large gauge for shoe sizes S9 to L12 (ages 3+) – ideal for measuring toddlers feet through to teenage feet!

Buy a small gauge

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Paper measuring gauge

Download our free paper measuring gauge and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to measure your child’s feet, then visit our size calculator to get their Start-Rite shoe size.

Please note the paper measuring gauge is not suitable for use with children who cannot stand on their own.

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Click 'n' fit

Our innovative Click ‘n’ Fit measuring service uses photos of your child’s feet to quickly tell you their Start-Rite size. Simply download a grid and upload your photos to our website, taking the hassle out of the buying process so you can measure and shop at your own convenience.

Please note that Click 'n' Fit will only measure from a small size S3 to a large size L6.

Use click 'n' fit


Check the fit

Measuring is only a guide and it’s important that once your child’s shoes have arrived you check they fit correctly.

Take a look at our handy step-by-step guide, or watch our 'check the fit' video.

Check the fit


Start-Rite stockists

If you’re not confident measuring at home, or prefer an experienced fitter for support, visit a Start-Rite stockist – we have over 400 retailers stocking our shoes so you’re bound to find one close by.

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Foot health

Foot Health

Foot health plays a massive part in your child’s development and well being, which is why measuring and fitting is so important.

Discover why
Science behind the shoes

Science behind the shoes

Not only are we experts in measuring and fitting, we’re also experts in designing shoes to keep children’s bodies and minds healthy.

Discover the science
UK to EU shoe size converter

UK to EU Shoe size converter

A few of our shoes are made in Europe and are therefore listed with European sizing. Take a look at our conversion chart to easily work out their shoe size.

Take a look