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What is fitted footwear?
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The importance of fitted footwear
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Caring for children's feet
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What to look for when buying kid's shoes
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Children's foot health and development
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Advice on kids shoes - what is children's fitted footwear?

What is children's fitted footwear?

We know that no two children's feet are the same, and when it comes to fitting footwear, it's important to look at the all-round shape of a child's foot. For that reason, we develop shoes in whole and half sizes and in a variety of width fittings, to ensure the best possible fit for each child.

Advise kids shoes - what is fitted footwear?

Narrow to wide fit shoes

It's important to remember the bones in children's feet don't fully form until around 18 years of age, which means that throughout their childhood their feet are susceptible to being misshaped by ill-fitting footwear – and even tight socks in their first few months! Shoes that are too wide or too narrow can do as much damage to a growing foot as shoes that are too short or too long, so fitted footwear has never been so important. With whole and half sizes, from narrow E fit through to wide G fit and extra wide H fit, you can be confident of finding the best size and fit for your child’s feet.

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Their Start-Rite shoe size

To help you find their Start-Rite size we have a number of different tools to measure kids feet at home. From our popular plastic gauges to our free downloadable gauge, we have an option for everyone.

Measure their feet

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