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The Start-Rite difference

Why buy Start-Rite shoes?

We’ve been children’s footwear specialists for decades, focussing solely on children’s feet, how they move & develop and what their footwear needs have to be to ensure healthy happy feet for years to come.

Everything we’ve leant has been poured in every pair – and we’re always learning something new!

Children’s feet can be easily damaged as bones don’t fully form until their teens, so measuring and fitting to the shape of the foot is vital.

Below are 10 reasons (we could have gone on!) on why to choose Start-Rite for your children’s feet and development.

1. Style & choice
We offer a broad selection of stylish footwear from pre-walkers to school shoes and from sandals to wellies.

2. Best fit
Our shoes come in whole & half sizes and up to five width fittings – from extra narrow to extra wide. Plus, there's generous growing room built into every pair.

3. Premium quality leathers
Only the highest-grade leathers are used to make our footwear. This means our shoes not only look great, but they’re also hand-wearing and comfortable too.

4. Dyed-through leathers
The leathers we use in the majority of our shoes are 'dyed through', which means they keep their colour even after a little scuffing. With a quick polish they'll look as good as new.

5. Durable soles
Soles are made of flexible, lightweight, and durable materials which are also non-slip. The flex grooves on the bottom of the sole differ based on the age too to ensure they’re best for your child’s developmental stage.

6. Washable materials
We know it’s not easy to keep children’s shoes clean, so most of our canvas shoes are 30c machine washable. Plus, our wellies can be wiped down with soapy water.

7. Breathable linings
Our shoes have leather socks and linings, or breathable sports linings. They draw moisture away from the feet and allow it to escape through the surface of the shoe providing a healthy, comfortable environment for growing feet.

8. Air Rite
Our unique Air Rite technology keeps sweaty feet at bay by allowing air to flow around the foot, without affecting the shoes ability to cope with wet weather conditions.

9. Comprehensive fit testing
During development we take new styles into school and playground for 'on foot' fit-checks and wear-trials to make sure they offer a safe, comfortable fit during everyday use.

10. Quality controls
Strict quality controls are in place at all stages during design, development and manufacture to ensure every pair always meets the highest quality standards.

On top of all of the above we also have a great customer service team ready to help with any queries you may have, free & simple returns just in case you order the wrong size and plenty of easy ways to measure your child’s feet at home.