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Air Rite Technology by Start-Rite

We make shoes for children. That's all we do. From thermal analysis of feet, to measuring forces during play; we are constantly conducting research into how children move, and using science to develop our shoes. For more information on the research and biomechanics in our shoes, take a look at our Start-Rite science page.

Our trusted Air Rite technology keeps sweaty feet at bay by allowing air to flow around the foot, without affecting the shoes ability to cope with wet weather conditions.

Thanks to our research, we know exactly where children's feet get hot and have innovated our designs to allow air to flow to the right area. Our Air Rite school shoes support the body's natural temperature regulation system whilst allowing the shoe to cope with a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

Air Rite

Although there are other breathable technologies available, our Air-Rite is unique. It allows 10% more heat to escape than other methods, ensuring your child’s feet are cooler and keep comfy all day long.

We make shoes that help kids feel comfortable and confident, and that will last until they are outgrown. Say goodbye to sweaty feet, and shop our range of innovative school shoes below.