Our shoes

Start-Rite First Walking shoes are the best thing you can do for little feet. All our First Walking shoes have been expertly developed specially for those important first steps. They allow natural movement and offer the right level of support and protection for your toddlers soft and lightly structured feet.

Our shoes will allow your mini explorer to develop naturally, gain the right level of feedback from the terrain beneath their feet and protect them against those inevitable stumbles and falls.

Benefits of a Start-Rite shoe

Start-Rite first walking shoes have the following important features; 

•  Available in whole and half sizes and up to four width fittings E = narrow, F = standard, G = wide, and H = extra wide, to ensure the best possible fit
•  Secure fasteners ensure your little one doesn’t have to curl their toes to keep their shoes on properly allowing their developing bone architecture to form naturally
•  Rip-tape fasteners which are quick and easy to secure to make life easier for busy parents and allow for plenty of adjustability
•  Adjustable buckle fasteners are available if preferred to rip-tape ensuring lost or discarded shoes are a thing of the past
•  High quality, softest leather uppers so that your toddler doesn’t even know they have them on but has maximum durability
•  Breathable linings for increased comfort, allowing perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe, ensuring little feet stay dry, healthy and happy
•  Lightweight and flexible soles that have been designed to flex as the foot flexes at the metatarsal joints, so your toddler’s foot can perform naturally as an important part of the locomotor system
•  Soles are designed to be supple, flexible and allow the foot to form naturally to help with stability at this early stage in your toddler’s gait development
•  Built in growing room around the toes, to allow for growth of those developing muscles, ligaments and bones in your toddler’s feet

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