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A Guide to Buying Wellies for Babies and Toddlers

Girl and boy wearing Start-Rite wellies

Let’s face it, when little ones spy a muddy puddle, the urge to dash off and splash about, squelch around and max out the most fun is irresistible. And that’s as it should be – at Start-Rite we are all about enabling little feet to get stuck in, whatever the weather!

Empowering young minds to explore, be adventurous and curious is at our very core. As experts in children’s fitted footwear, we know a good pair of wellies can be the key to unlocking fantastic adventures. In fact, we’re often asked lots of questions about wellies for babies and toddlers, and we’ve addressed the most popular ones here to help you find the perfect pair for your little one.

Are wellies bad for babies and toddlers’ feet?

Let’s jump in with the most asked question. The answer is, no - only ill-fitting footwear is bad for feet (that goes for adults too!) Find a good fitting pair of wellies and your little one should feel supported, comfy and secure.

Toddler feet are at crucial development stage. You can read more about foot development stages in our Feet are fantastic hub. That’s why our range of wellies are made to be lightweight and have a robust flexible sole that supports natural movement and ultimately promote healthy foot development too.

Girl and boy wearing Start-Rite wellies

What to look for when choosing wellies for toddlers and babies?

We always recommend seeking out wellies that offer superior support, so make sure you look for a thick and flexible sole, that the boot is lightweight and other extra details that keep feet cosy and dry, not soggy and cold. For example, our collection of wellies offer a cosy fleece-lining and an elasticated top to keep moisture at bay.

Avoid second-hand wellies if you can. This is because used wellies will be moulded to another child’s foot and because of this, won’t be as comfortable, secure or supportive.

Should I buy children’s wellies a size bigger?

Buying a size up might sound like a good idea, you might think sizing ‘up’ will allow for bulky thick socks and they’ll last longer. We’d recommend sticking with the same size as regular footwear. Our range of wellies (and all of our footwear) is made with built-in ‘wriggle’ room to accommodate growth, support foot development and maximise comfort and support.

Girl and boy wearing Start-Rite wellies

Why buy Start-Rite wellies for babies and toddlers?

We are one of the UK’s leading experts in dedicated children’s fitted footwear. Our specialist knowledge means our wellies collection is perfectly aligned to support the various foot development stages that little feet go through.

From first-walker wellies for babies, right up to older primary school aged children, our wellies are designed to specifically support key foot development. Our attention to detail and constant innovation means we strive to deliver the very best. For example, our new ‘Puddle’ wellies now includes an added heel kick for easy removal. This promotes independence, supports fine motor skill development and builds confidence and a healthy sense of achievement.

What’s more, our children’s wellies come in a range of fab colours and designs. From fashionable ditsy florals in navy or pink, sunny bright yellow, or multi-coloured slime monsters to daring dinosaurs – there really is something for everyone.

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