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Best waterproof shoes for kids

Girl in wellies on a woodland walk

When it comes to dealing with wet conditions, it's important to be prepared. Having waterproof jackets and umbrellas to hand is a good start, but don't forget about footwear as wet, cold, and soggy feet can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Waterproof shoes or wellies are a practical choice for both kids and adults. They offer protection, comfort, and durability in wet or muddy conditions and we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite styles below:

Kids’ waterproof shoes

Big Puddle, red slip-on waterproof kids wellies
Side view of red Big Puddle kids wellies
Big puddle is the perfect companion for those rainy days filled with puddle jumping! These waterproof wellies are designed to keep little feet warm and dry, ensuring fuss-free adventures even in the wettest conditions. Our Big Puddle wellies come in a number of colours and patterns, in sizes S9 – L2.

Baby Mudbuster, navy slip-on waterproof wellies
Side view of navy Baby Mudbuster kids wellies
Our fleece-lined Baby Mudbuster wellies are the perfect solution to keep your little one’s toes warm and dry during outdoor adventures. Designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, these wellies are a must-have for splashing in puddles or squelching through mud.

The waterproof material acts as a barrier, keeping moisture out and ensuring that your child's feet stay dry and comfortable throughout their playtime. No more worries about soggy socks or damp feet! Available in four colours in European sizes E20 – E26.

Little Puddle, navy floral girls waterproof wellies
Side view of navy floral Little Puddle girls wellies
These wellies feature an elasticated top and a waterproof upper, ensuring that moisture stays out even on the rainiest of days. With a convenient heel piece, kids can easily kick off their wellies when they're done adventuring. To add an extra touch of coziness, these wellies also come with a fleece collar that keeps little feet snug and warm. They are the perfect companion for rainy day fun, allowing children to splash and play without any worries. In eight different colours and patterns, our Little Puddle wellies are available in sizes S4 – S8.

Mudbuster, pink girls waterproof wellies
Side view of pink Mudbuster girls wellies
Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, these welly boots feature a cosy fleece lining that provides insulation and warmth, ensuring that even in chilly weather, your child's feet stay snug and comfortable. The elasticated top of the boot acts as a barrier, effectively keeping moisture out, making it an excellent choice for playtime in cold and wet conditions. In a vibrant pink colourway, these welly boots not only offer practicality but also add a pop of brightness to those gloomy and dull days. Let your child's personality shine through with this fun and stylish footwear option. If pink isn’t for them, Mudbuster is available in three other colours. All are available in European sizes E27 – E39.

Trooper, black leather boys waterproof rip-tap Rhino school shoes
Side view of boys black leather waterproof Trooper shoes
We know that older boys don’t want to change from their wellies to school shoes and back again during a busy school day, but still need their school shoes to be tough, comfy and durable; that’s where Trooper comes in! What sets Trooper apart is its ability to keep their feet dry and protected thanks to its waterproof Aqua-Rite linings and bellows tongue, without compromising on quality, comfort and durability.