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If the boot fits… your questions answered

As the cold weather bites, but family life continues at pace, there is something quite appealing about pulling on a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and a comfy pair of boots to head out into the crisp air. Not so if your footwear rubs, or leaks or inhibits exploration. Getting the right fit is always paramount.

Girl wearing Start-Rite boots

Below we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about boots and finding the right style and fit for your little explorers.

Are boots supposed to be loose?

As experts in fitted footwear we always advise that girls boots and boys boots must be the correct fit for the child. And that’s the key – children must wear shoes designed for children. That means specially designed lightweight, durable soles that are suitable for any terrain. A lightweight sole will enable the foot to move naturally and the child to develop without restriction. However, the material must be strong enough to tackle rough terrain, to protect the precious foot inside. If a boot is too loose the little toes will scrunch to hold it in place and this sends all the wrong signals to the brain. The brain will interpret the scrunching as something that is wrong with the foot, not the shoe. And might make adjustments to the child’s development accordingly. So, getting the right fit for any shoe or boot is important for healthy development.

How boots are supposed to fit?

Children’s boots must be shaped for a child’s foot, with healthy growing room incorporated into the sizing. Additional elements that you should look out for include cushioned insoles and leather linings to keep feet warm and dry, plus features to enable your little one the independence of getting ready quickly and easily. Features such as zips designed for little hands to clasp, or adjustable rip-tape straps complemented by elastic panels for a secure fit.

Boy wearing Start-Rite boots

What are the best children’s boots for winter?

Children want to run and play uninhibited all year round. And winter fashion can be so gorgeous for little ones, while keeping toes cosy with warm linings. Our boots are designed with a protective wraparound design and removable leather lined insoles with breathable textile/leather linings to keep little feet fresh and comfortable. And our array of age relatable designs and colours will appeal to little explorers who want to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

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