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#Find15 small steps to be kinder to the planet

Children today are well educated on global warming and climate change, and when it comes to their planet, the message is clear: less talk, more action. As our business purpose is to protect children, their growing voice has inspired our latest #Find15 campaign.

Girl and boy exploring

#Find15 is a challenge to our customers, colleagues, and a commitment from our business to make 15 small changes to everyday tasks by the end of the year, to protect our children’s future.

Over the next 10 months, we will share inspiration and celebrate yours and our success in becoming kinder to the planet. Hopefully by the end of 2022, we will have integrated 15 small changes to our everyday, knowing that when we combine all these small changes together, we are making a difference to the planet.

Kicking off today, looking towards the next three months and aiming to integrate five small changes to start with, here are 10 ideas, inspired by springtime.

Household swaps

1. Swap plastic wrap for beeswax – A natural alternative to clingfilm, the wrap conserves food naturally, reducing the need for single use plastic.

2. Plan meals to reduce waste – According to The Eco Experts, the UK throws away 9.52 million tonnes of food each year, which emits 25 million tonnes of CO2e – more than Kenya’s total annual emissions.

3. Swap to eco coffee pods – A whopping 60 billion coffee pods end up in landfill annually. Why not try reusable pods with espresso powder to get that caffeine kick?

Baby steps

4. Choose plastic-free baby wipes – 11 billion wipes are used every day, most include plastic and will take 100 years to disappear. We suggest water-based wipes like Aqua Wipes that biodegrade in six weeks and are compostable.

5. Ditch the bath in your bedtime routine – Bath, bottle, bed has been a mantra for parents for many years, but a daily bath is not the best for young sensitive skin or the planet’s natural resources. Find a peaceful routine that works for your little one and try turning bath time into a less frequent, fun time occasion.

Conscious clothing ideas

6. Eco-minded alternatives – Outdoor splash suits protect clothes from dirt. Reducing your laundry frequency preserves your clothes lifetime and saves on detergent and many litres of water. Dry Kids PU Splash Suits are a great option because they’re made from recycled plastic.

7. Consider leather alternative - Our Vegan School Shoes were created for our customers seeking a hard-wearing alternative for their ethically minded youngsters.

Get outside

8. Spring clean the outdoors – Winter weather can play havoc with litter bins. Find a local group to join in a litter pick, many councils and charities are looking for volunteers and welcome children to join too.

9. Upcycle planters – Create a mini veg patch or flower bed from recycled containers. Rain hats, ice-cream tubs and old wellies make eye-catching planters.

10. Walk a Daily Mile – We are proud to support The Daily Mile to encourage children and families to ditch the car for short journeys, get their hearts pumping faster and enjoy the beautiful springtime blooms.

We know a sustainable lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. Please help spread the #Find15 message by sharing your ideas and progress with us on our social media channels. Together we can be the change our children want to see.