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Five minutes with... @Bethbluu

We take five with Beth Bluck to talk about family life, daily struggles and getting creative with her children.

Beth and children

Hi Beth, how are you? Talk us through a typical day with your children.
Hello. I’d like to say it’s sunny beach walks and climbing castle ruins (which it is sometimes!, but I’ll be honest, a typical day with my children is full of tantrums, negotiating and making enough snacks to feed an elephant!

How did you and your family spend your time during lockdown?
We found it really hard. The first lockdown over summer was quite enjoyable, but the winter one nearly broke us, as like many parents, we were stuck inside all day everyday with two very bored and confused toddlers.

Now that lockdown has lifted a little, do you have any exciting plans or places you would like to visit with the children?
I am grateful just to be able to take my son to school and to walk around the local shops at this point. We are fortunate enough to already live in a beautiful place, as we moved to west wales just over a year ago, and we have a lot left to explore around us.

Your Instagram profile is incredibly creative. Can you tell us a little about your inspiration behind setting up the account?
It originally started as a way to capture my son’s young life, but as time went on, my natural creative instincts kicked in and it blossomed into what it is today. I have been a keen artist ever since I can remember, so it all fell into place very naturally for me as my skills developed and continued to push my own creative boundaries.

Canvas shoes

You often feature your children in your creative posts. Do they enjoy working with mummy?
They absolutely love it, to the point where if I need a particular photo of just one of them for whatever reason, the other will get upset and insist on being part of the photoshoot. I often make up stories to get them into character and really enjoy the experience. Sometimes I give them sweets or a piece of fruit if I need an image of them sat still too which they love. They are not shy in front of the camera at all, they love it!

Any funny stories from your time shooting together that you can share?
There have been times when I have been shooting pictures of them and they have spilt drinks down them, fell in mud, etc. It is not easy working with toddlers!

How do you all like to spend your weekends?
We often go to our local beach or to the ‘waterfall forest' as we call it. Anything that involves fresh air and climbing! We are like a family of monkeys!

What are your children’s interests? Do they take after you with their creativity?
Not that I’ve seen yet really. They follow after their dad mainly and are both obsessed with cars and skateboarding, even my daughter, she’s so cool for a nearly two-year-old.

Lottie shoes

What are your favourite styles from our new summer collection?
I love the Lottie shoes in yellow leather, it’s like sunshine. And we love Slime, my son would find the monsters so funny. You just can’t beat the quality of Start-Rite shoes!

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