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Five minutes with… @lifeat.no18

We take five with Kimberley, an NHS Midwife and mum to Keanno and Declan, to talk about how family life has changed lately and the memories they’ll cherish forever.

Kim and her sons

1. Hi Kimberley, how are you and your family doing during these difficult times?
We are doing so much better now thanks. At the start it was so confusing and quite scary, but with the Governments advice and lockdown, the situation seemed more manageable. My main aim was to protect the kids and those around us so we've really tried our best to only travel when it was necessary, but then we missed our family and friends so much. We have been enjoying some lovely walks at our local park though. I’d never actually walked the whole way around it until a few weeks ago. It’s such a beautiful space and we've discovered some hidden gems and cool spots to ride our bikes and have picnics now we’re allowed.

2. As an NHS Midwife, how has your working life changed over the last couple of months?
Work life has been very different. We have had so much support from the senior management teams though, which has been reassuring. Also staff morale has been amazing with everyone supporting each other through these difficult times.

Declan playing

3. Has the #clapforcarers been a great support to you and your colleagues, knowing the nation is behind you all and the amazing work you are doing?
#clapforcarers is such an emotional time of the evening whether I am in work, driving home or at home. I always stop to clap too to show support. It’s so overwhelming to hear such cheer and support from everyone taking part. We all really appreciate it.

4. It must be tough at times. How have you and your colleagues been keeping each other’s spirits up?
It has been a real journey. It’s an experience we never imagined possible during our training and working lives. We have social distanced “chats” and very relaxed meetings with the team to discuss how things are going. We also make sure everyone is coping okay with their workload and that they’re drinking plenty of water.

5. Have you been juggling your job with home-schooling your eldest son?
I quite enjoy home-schooling, although my eldest son Keanno has been attending school as I’m a key worker. When I’m off work he has some days off too so we can spend time together at home. His school have an amazing schedule that’s easy to follow and it’s been nice learning from him too.

Declan playing

6. How are your children adapting to their new way of life?
The boys have been amazing. Keanno understands and appreciates the rules set by the Government and Declan being so young is a blessing as he is none the wiser.

7. Is it possible to have a daily routine at the minute?
Unfortunately we have never had a set routine due to working shift work. When we are home, I do try to make a plan and stick by it just to have some order in the day. I think this would be a great time for families to get into routine and stick with it given the extra amount of time spent at home.

8. Tell us about some of the fun activities they’ve been doing at home to keep busy?
We have built a wormery which was so much fun. It was an old school project that we never had time to do before. We’ve taken bike rides by the canal, made paper mache masks and painted them, and got really adventurous and made some tie dye T-shirts with our old food colouring, which turned out really lovely.

10. What have been your most memorable moments with your children during the lockdown?
Keanno’s birthday was during the lockdown and a few of the neighbours sang Happy Birthday to him from their windows and his friends video called him too. Also Declan learning how to walk – it only took him 17 months!

Keanno and Declan

11. Has it been lovely seeing your sons spend more time together?
Yes, for sure. The boys have built such a beautiful bond during this time. It has been amazing watching them play and watch films together.

12. Is your eldest son excited about school returning to normal and seeing his friends?
Yes, he sure is. There are currently only two other children from his class in school, so he cannot wait to have school back to normal. The children have a zoom call on Tuesday afternoons after school where they all get to catch up which helps a lot. I think it would be lovely for them all to go back to school in September as the children have now settled into home-schooling life.

13. Once the lockdown is lifted, what are you most looking forward to doing with your family?
So many things; taking a week off and going to Cornwall, visiting my new baby cousin, going on walks on the beach, eating ice cream and watching the sunset without any restrictions. I also can’t wait to be able to go and watch my son and his friends play football whilst having a nice coffee and a catch up with the other parents.

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