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Five minutes with… @lululoveslondon

We take five with Louise (mum to Clara) to talk family traditions, festive plans and her top tips for travelling with a toddler.

Clara wearing Flex rose gold

1. Hi Louise, your little girl Clara is adorable. How are you enjoying motherhood?
Thank you so much. Clara is very special to us as we went through several IVF treatments before I succeeded in getting pregnant. I absolutely love being a mother. Clara changed my life and I love having someone in my life who’s smile can change my mood to feel better instantly. She is our little sunshine and the best thing that ever happened to me.

2. Talk us through a typical day for you both?
We get up in the morning and have breakfast and get Clara ready for the day. Then we play in Clara’s nursery and she has a light lunch before her nap time. Clara goes to nursery four days a week in the afternoon. She loves her friends at the nursery and her being there gives me time to work on my blog. In the evening Clara has her bath, dinner and a bit of playtime with her father when he comes back from work. Our weekends are quite different. We travel a lot as I have many press trips. Mostly in the UK, which we love and it’s easier with a little one. Clara is half French and half Danish, so we often go to these countries or our family visit for a couple of days.

Clara wearing baby shoes

3. Children have many ‘firsts’ when they are little. What have been your favourite moments so far?
Clara said ‘Daddy’ a long time ago, it’s only recently she said ‘Mummy’, which completely melted my heart and made me shed a little tear. I can also remember the first time she smiled. My mother was visiting from Denmark and she was lucky enough to be there when it happened. We both started crying (again). It was a very emotional moment for us. I often think about how much I can’t wait to do more things with Clara when she gets a little older. But then I remind myself to cherish this very moment and enjoy the stage she is in right now and how fast babies grow and learn.

4. How has your life changed since having Clara?
My focus has changed from me to Clara, which I love! It’s unbelievable how small things suddenly don’t matter anymore, when you have a child. Obviously there are things that I can’t do anymore, but as a mother you learn to adjust. I have my own life and a mum life, so I get the best of both worlds. When you become a mother, it’s important not to completely forget yourself. I believe this will benefit both you, your partner and the baby in the end.

5. Does she have any interests at her young age?
Clara has always loved books. There is a lot of focus on creativity in her nursery, so she enjoys drawing, painting, playing in sand. At the minute they’re making little Christmas decorations for the tree.

Clara wearing baby shoes

6. What do you look for when it comes to buying shoes for Clara?
Clara has a careful nature. She was not the first to sit, crawl, or walk, so for me it was important that she felt as safe as possible when trying out new things. I found out that Start-Rite had the best reviews when it comes to first shoes , which is why we always come back to Start-Rite when looking for high quality, age-specific shoes.

7. How do you like to shop – do you buy products online or instore?
I like both. I usually go to a shop first to see and feel the product. When it comes to Clara, she should only have the best. Especially when it comes to shoes, I think it’s very important that they fit and are comfortable for her to wear.

Clara wearing flex rose gold

8. With Christmas only a few weeks away, do you have any exciting plans?
Clara, her father and I are all going home to my family in Denmark for Christmas. In Denmark we celebrate on Christmas Eve with a big dinner, dancing and singing around the tree and then we open all the presents. It’s a bit different than in the UK. There will also be a lot of get-togethers and long walks, hopefully in the snow, so Clara can build her first snowman! I love Christmas so much more now we have Clara. Just call me a softy!

9. You share many of your adventures on your blog. Do you enjoy taking Clara along and creating new memories with her?
I certainly do, but I’m also very much aware of her needs. Sometimes we have to cancel trips or events if Clara isn’t feeling well. I always put her first. Luckily, she seems to love small adventures and has always been easy to bring along on airplanes, to restaurants etc. Let’s hope it stays this way!

10. Do you have any tips for parents when it comes to travelling with a young child?
I’d say make sure you bring plenty of toys or other things that makes them feel at home. Also try and stick to your normal eating and sleeping routines. If a child is not happy or is poorly - don’t go! The only way to have a successful trip is if your little one is happy and feels safe.

11. We know you and Clara are big fans of Start-Rite which is lovely to see. Do you have a favourite style from our winter collection?
Clara loves the new rose gold Flex shoes. We absolutely love them, as they are both comfortable and pretty for all our upcoming Christmas events.

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