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Five minutes with… @Oaktreehome

We take five with Chloe from @Oaktreehome to find out how she has been coping with a challenging year and the fun adventure days she shares with her daughter Matilda.

Chelsea brown boots

Hi Chloe, how have you and your family been coping with the challenging year we’re having?
Hello! We are all doing just fine here. It has been a funny old year, but we’ve learnt so much in that time. My husband is a headteacher and I’m a part-time teacher so fortunately we have had work and we worked throughout lockdown. Our daughter Matilda started nursery in the school I teach in a little bit early, which worked out for the best, and she’s settled in really well. The logistics of the restrictions haven’t been easy, but we have managed!

What have you been doing to keep your spirits up?
We’ve been creating and making home improvements. I have also started doing ‘Couch to 5K’. I really hated exercise and hadn’t done anything for four years, since before I was pregnant with Matilda, but I really felt like I needed to do something. I felt like I had no energy so started walking and built up to running using the ‘Couch to 5K’ app. I am now running continuously for 25 minutes, which I’m so happy about!

Sunshine black shoes

Has Matilda enjoyed starting nursery?
Matilda loves her nursery and especially her teachers. She loves to learn and comes home and tells me all about her day, word for word! Matilda actually came home and told me all about the ‘migration of birds’ only last week, I actually couldn’t believe it!

Talk us through a typical day with Matilda?
On Thursdays and Fridays, I’m not in work and Matilda has no nursery so we call it ‘just the girls day’. It’s our favourite! Matilda is an early riser, so once she’s up, she’s straight downstairs to her playroom for breakfast. My ‘Miss Independent’ has been trying so hard to dress herself lately, she’s really growing up. We wave bye-bye to Daddy and start a little crafty seasonal activity or baking, we try to bake every week. I like taking our lunch out with us for a walk, nothing special, but it feels a bit more exciting. Our afternoon is spent going to the shops, having a play and having a bit of a tidy up, before dinner, bath, book and bed!

Star Gaze shoes

How do you and your family like to spend your free time together?
We adore the outdoors. We have to get out and about every weekend. A National Trust park is always a fabulous place to have a good run around, build a den or go on a nature hunt.

Matilda seems to love her fashion. Is she starting to develop a taste for what she likes to wear?
Matilda does like to pick out her own clothes, although she doesn’t always take the weather into account! She loves anything with unicorns on and sparkles.

Chelsea brown boots

Do you have a favourite style from our new winter collection?
I’m in love with the Chelsea boots . Matilda has them in brown leather and they go with everything! Her favourite activities in them include dancing, running and playing in the woods!

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