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Get school uniform ready with Trutex

Our friends at Trutex have put together a helpful guide for buying your child’s school uniform.

Kids in school uniform

What you need to know when buying school uniform

Whether your child will be making their way through the primary school gates for the first time or are set to start their last year of secondary school, you’ll want them to start the new term feeling comfortable and looking the part in their school uniform.

To save you some time and make it as straightforward as possible, we’ve created these resources to help you plan exactly what your child needs and to help you get the perfect fit, first time.

Kids in school uniform sitting on books

Knowing what size uniform to order

Children don’t stop growing and sizing can be confusing, especially if your child doesn’t fit into the generic age brackets. To make the start of the new term go smoothly, we have created size charts on our website which link your child’s measurements to garment sizes. It’s particularly important when children make the transition from primary school to secondary, the individual items of uniform needed are usually very different and sizing changes from age statements to inches.

Measuring your child for school uniform

For a fuss-free purchase, we recommend you measure your child to make sure you get the perfect fit, which is the key to your child being comfortable and looking smart. We've put together some video guides for individual garments so you can be sure you're ordering the right size for your child. View each sizing video here.

Senior school kids wearing uniform

How much uniform will my child need?

Knowing how much and what school uniform you need can be difficult. If your child is like most kids, they’re a magnet for dirt and stains and no one want’s the dreaded “where’s my shirt?” moments before your due to set off for school. So, unless you want to be spending your week loading the washing machine, we recommend buying enough to last the week. A typical example would be three pairs of trousers, five shirts and two jumpers.

Our uniform checklist goes into more detail and includes those things that you might forget, but are essential school kit, like pencil case and water bottles.

Let them have a say

School rules permitting; let them decide if they prefer skirts or trousers, short or long sleeved, wide or slim-fitting. Let them choose accessories like pencil cases and bags. It’s really important your child feels like they have a say over what they are wearing.

Don't leave it too late

Finally, it’s a good idea is to buy as much as you can, as early as you can. That way you can relax all summer, safe in the knowledge your family is sorted!

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