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GoGoDiscover - Meet the artist

GoGoDiscover Norwich

This year, we're delighted to be taking part in GoGoDiscover - Norfolk’s biggest Jurassic art trail, where we are sponsoring a colourful Steppe Mammoth at our Norwich store. Organised by Break charity to help support young people and their families, we’re thrilled to give our sculpture 'Elio' a home for the summer.

Here we take five with Lena Kibbler, the artist behind the design, to find out more about her inspiration and why it means so much to be involved in the project.

1. Hi Lena, we’re thrilled to be sponsoring you for this year’s GoGoDiscover campaign. Tell us how you got involved in the project?

I have to admit that I love doing Wild in Art sculptures and the mammoth and T-Rex designs were something I could not resist. Supporting and helping Break charity in this way is something achievable, enjoyable and worthwhile.

2. Where did the inspiration for Elio’s design come from?

I did some research on mammoths and found climate change had an impact on their demise, so I used that as my starting point. I tried to incorporate all elements but I also wanted to promote hope.

GoGoDiscover Norwich

3. It must be really rewarding seeing all the happy faces visiting Elio?

It is very rewarding and when people share their images of their trail journeys, it is so good to see everyone involved.

4. Tell us a little about your background?

I retired from teaching art, design and photography four years ago and decided it was time to concentrate on my own art. I specialized in textile design and I think this is portrayed through my work.

5. What other sculptures have you worked on previously?

I have worked on Maggie’s Penguin Parade, Go Wild Gorillas and Worchester’s Big Parade.

GoGoDiscover Norwich

6. Where do you work on your designs?

I try to work on the sculptures in the art spaces provided, which gives me the opportunity to see meet other artists, sponsors, organisers and volunteers, which gives a sense of community and working together.

7. What do you find the most rewarding part about your job?

Being involved in sculpture trails has given meaning and purpose to what I do. I really enjoy what I do as I feel art is a great way of impacting on people’s lives and being able to share that is reward enough.

8. Do you have any other projects coming up that you can tell us about?

Yes, as well as Elio in Norwich, I have three other sculptures trails this year. Mechanicowl (owl) in Ipswich, Bona Lisa (giraffe) in Edinburgh and Night and Day (snowdog) in Huddersfield. All of these are only possible with sponsor support and the work of volunteers and charity staff, so a big thank you for getting Elio to be a reality.

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