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School Shoes Style Edit

Schoolgirl and Schoolboy on Steps

Start-Rite Shoes Product Manager, Sara Driscoll, shares her favourite shoes from our back to school collection.

Balancing style and functionality

When children are at school, they can often be swayed by the opinions of their peers and be desperate for school shoes in a specific style so they can be just like the most popular kids in their class. But is it possible for a school shoe to be stylish while still being great for your children’s feet?

Of course!

This isn’t to say that you can pick any shoes, though. When you’re considering a popular style, you should think about a few things. Firstly, are they durable? School shoes are worn almost every day for the majority of the year, so they need to be able to take some wear and tear.

Secondly, are they right for your child’s feet? Children need support from their shoes, and this is most important in school shoes since they’re worn so often. You might think it’s not a big deal, but school shoes are generally worn more than any other shoe in a given year - so it’s vital to get them right. Check that the shoe fits well, supports your child’s foot and doesn’t pinch or rub.

Finally, you should ask yourself how breathable the shoe is. Walking around in one pair of shoes all day without breaks can lead to sweaty feet, so a good breathable material is key in order to keep your child’s feet fresher all day long.

My picks for school shoes

If you’re looking for a girly school shoe with lots of comfort, then Hopscotch is for you! It has a charming embroidery design, as well as a bow detail on the sole. Hopscotch has been designed to ensure its lightweight and flexible with instant comfort features, such as a removable cushioned insole and padded ankle. The rip-tape fastening also makes it easy to take on and off. It’s available in both leather and patent in four width fittings.

Hopscotch patent

Strike has a fantastic reflective detail which means it’s visible in low light or night-time conditions. This shoe has also been designed and engineered to offer 360-degree protection in order to withstand playground adventures. The breathable linings for moisture absorption and double rip-tape fastenings for a secure fit, make it a winner for active kids.

Strike black

Matilda from our Angry Angels senior school range is at the top of my favourites list. It’s feminine, stylish and sophisticated, but doesn’t compromise on comfort or fit. Great for style conscious kids pushing the boundaries, but equally reassuring for parents. It’s available in both black leather and black patent.

Matilda black leather

Academy is a modern hybrid of a traditional silhouette with an athletic twist due to our integrated motion soft technology. It has a soft dyed-through leather upper, which offers a formal silhouette, but also moulds to the shape of the foot for all day comfort. Both the toe shape and sole have been biomechanically engineered to promote natural movement - a formal style without comprising on comfort – making it great for school and smart occasions.


With its chunky sole, brogue detailing and comfort features style, Impulsive is one of my top school shoes. This Angry Angel style has cushioned insoles and a padded ankle for both comfort and support whilst looking trendy - perfect for the young fashionistas.

Impulsive patent

Our casual school shoe Luke has a lightweight sole, padded ankle for comfort along with removable insoles. Luke also has a tough panel on the toe which prevents scuffing to ensure the style stays smarter for longer - a bargain at £39.99. Look out for the football detail on the sock too!


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