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Starting School Advice

Back to School is a very exciting time for us here at Start-Rite. Each year we embark on a new adventure with new styles and new technologies. This year, we are over the moon to deliver fresh fashion styles to our senior school students.

However, we know that with new school adventures, nerves can start to bubble too! In fact 69% of our followers on Instagram have told us they are nervous about their little ones starting school soon. So, we turned to our followers with children at school and our loyal #TeamStartRite Instagram parents to offer insights, kind words and support to any parent facing the school steps for the first time.

Back to school

We heard that 52% of our followers are preparing themselves for a good old cry on the day and 85% of parents with children already at school admit they got emotional on the way to the school gates.

This is what @ChloeUberKid told us about her experience with crying… “I’m the mother who sobs outside, heartbroken and so incredibly guilty that I have just left my child somewhere with strangers! But, each time (four kids now at school) I have become amazing friends with the mum who comforted me!”

When it comes to getting excited and emotional about uniform (yes we do!) 54% of our follower’s children have already tried them on at home and 86% of parents admit they got emotional when they saw their little one all dressed up in their uniform for the first time. @ChloeUberKid shared; “I was as excited as them about things like putting on brand new shiny school shoes, immaculate uniform and having a new lunch box!”

Back to school

Making friends is a worry for many of us, for our children and for ourselves. Our followers admit to being just as nervous about meeting other parents at the school gates (55%) as they are about their children making friends (53%).

@mummyconstant offers this piece of advice from her personal experience; “I was nervous that the children would be unhappy without me and not make friends. Over the years you realise how many friendships the kids have and however important, they will always find new friends. Also, despite Isla crying when I dropped her off - she was fine five minutes after I left. Every day!”

78% admitted to being more nervous than their little one about starting school with 94% saying their little one found it easier starting school than they thought they would. And almost everyone agreed the end of the day was better than the beginning, with 94% of our followers excited to see their little ones.

Back to school

@ChloeUberKid reflected these feelings saying; “It’s the way their face lights up and they run to give you a hug at the end of the first day! I was really nervous that I would be lost without them, but in reality, that 9am - 3pm time goes so unbelievably quickly. I wonder how it gets to be pick up time and I've achieved nothing!”

@mummyconstant found the teachers were great at reassuring her and suggests telling the teacher if you are worried.

Remember to cherish and celebrate the moment with the iconic doorstep photo - 95% of our followers have told us they will be! We’d love to see them all so please tag us in.

For little ones embarking on their very first adventure, to older children moving up to senior school and all the parents feeling nervous excitement over the coming days, we’re sending our love and support. You’ve got this!