The best shoes for autumn (for kids)

Kids dressed up for Halloween with pumpkins in front of their faces

Autumn seems to creep up on us every year. After the six weeks of fun and madness that is the summer holidays, the kids go back to school and before we know it, October half-term is around the corner, as is Halloween and Bonfire Night. To prepare for the changing weather, it’s important to consider the shoes your kids need this autumn. This is to say, what style is best in bad weather and how you can protect them against the rain, the snow, the ice and any other weather element that could head our way.

Below, you can find the best shoes for autumn, including the types of shoes your kids will need for the wet and cold weather.

Best shoes for wet weather

Best shoes for wet weather

It goes without saying that the best shoes for wet weather are going to be waterproof ones. But even shoes that promise to be waterproof can leave your kids’ feet soggy and squelchy. So how do you know which will live up to their name and which will leave you disappointed?

When choosing shoes or boots for the wet weather, it’s best to go for a material that will prevent the water from getting in, such as leather, over a fabric like canvas that could let the rain through. Our Toasty leather boots are a popular choice for winter thanks to their fluffy inside collar and outer waterproof coating.

You could also choose the shoe that was made for rainy days - the wellington boot! Our kids' wellies are fleece-lined to help keep the water out and the elasticated band stops water from dripping in through the top of the shoe.

If your child is complaining of wet feet from an existing pair of shoes, you could try to make them more waterproof by applying a waterproof protector spray. This should add a little more protection during the wet autumn weather.

Best shoes for cold weather

Best shoes for cold weather

Autumn doesn’t just bring rain but cooler temperatures too, and your kids’ feet can get cold. To keep their tootsies warm and comfortable, we’d recommend purchasing a pair of winter boots. These can be worn with a quality pair of socks to keep their feet extra toasty, too.

Alternatively, you could choose a shoe like the Chelsea boot to keep your children’s feet warm. Our Chelsea boots come in a selection of nine fun colours and designs to choose from.

Shoes for the cold weather don’t just have to be for outside, but inside too! When the temperature drops and the house feels a little chilly, your children may wish to don their slippers to help keep their feet warm.

Best shoes for trick or treating

Trick-or-treating is a once-a-year activity, but this means it’s very difficult to predict what the weather is going to do when Halloween does come around. Will it be pouring with rain, a frosty evening or relatively mild? This is why it’s best to think about the shoes your children will wear for trick-or-treating in advance.

The shoes that come with a Halloween costume can be cheap, flimsy and just not up to the job of walking for an hour or so. Most importantly, they may not support your child’s feet in the best way.

Instead, your child can wear some comfy trainers that should see them through the evening. Plain black school trainers may be the best option, as they will go with any costume and will already be broken in, so they’re comfortable. You may also find that girls dressing up as witches already have the perfect costume shoes - their school shoes!

Ultimately, whichever shoes you choose for your child on Halloween, they should be suitable for the weather and comfortable to walk in.

Best shoes for Bonfire Night

As well as Halloween to look forward to this autumn, we also have Bonfire Night. This is another hugely popular outdoor event that brings tons of people together to watch bright colours and listen to loud bangs. Firework shows happen all over the country, and kids usually love to watch them. But if you’re planning a family outing to a firework display, what shoes are going to be the most appropriate?

The best shoes for Bonfire Night are going to be the ones that keep your children’s feet dry and warm. Most displays are set in rural areas, like fields, which means water and mud are an inevitability. A good, sturdy pair of sensible wellies is likely to be the best option, and will keep good grip in slippery mud too.

Even if you think it hasn’t rained that much, practical shoes that can deal with dirt and mud should be a priority. And don’t forget to pack some plastic bags in the car to put those muddy shoes in for the journey home!