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Ways to measure your children’s feet

Check the fit

When it comes to looking after your child’s feet, we recommend getting them measured every 6 to 8 weeks when they are young, as their feet grow quickly at this age. You can do this by either visiting one of our 400 stockists around the UK for expert measuring and fitting (find your nearest stockist HERE) or by using one of our online measuring tools in the comfort of your own home. For your convenience, we've developed two easy ways to measure your child’s feet at home. You can either purchase a measuring gauge or download a paper measuring gauge.

Measuring at home

At Home Measuring Gauges

The first way to measure your child’s feet at home is to purchase a small or large gauge that has been specially designed for use at home. We recommend using the small gauge for very young children, as they may not be steady enough on their feet at this stage to use the other tools. The small gauge is suitable for shoe sizes small 2 to small 8½ and the large gauge is suitable for shoe sizes from a small 9 shoe size. To make measuring at home as easy as possible for you and to help you to get accurate results, we have made a video to take you through the process step by step which you can find on our YouTube channel.

Small measuring gauge

Click HERE to buy the Small Gauge

Large measuring gauge

Click HERE to buy the Large Gauge

Paper Measuring Gauge

The second way to measure your child's feet is to download our paper gauge, which allows you to quickly and easily measure their feet in the comfort of your own home. Click HERE to find out more.

Check the fit

Check the Fit

As all children’s feet are different shapes and sizes, measuring is only the first step to achieving a good fit. It’s also really important to check that the shoes you have chosen fit your child’s feet well. Click HERE to watch our helpful video on how to check the shoes you have purchased are a good fit.

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