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Tiny toes, enormous appetite for adventure

As your baby begins to crawl and cruise, it’s important to know what’s going on in those tiny feet. Babies’ feet are rounded and squidgy at this stage, so they need to be able to explore with unrestricted movement as their feet begin to form and build strength. We call this stage pre-walking – it’s now that babies need a balanced mix of barefoot play and exploration with pre-walker baby shoes.

Barefoot baby

Little feet

Feet are squidgy, rounded, not used to bearing weight for long – bones are still forming with arch and Achilles undefined. Nerve endings are still developing and the soft cartilage can easily be moulded into the wrong shape if constricted. Feet should be measured every 6 to 8 weeks.

Developing movement

Developing movement

Movements are wobbly and tentative – still on all fours more often than two feet. As crawling develops into cruising, furniture becomes their best friend – giving a helping hand of stability while crucial balancing skills gradually build.

Our Shoes

Our shoes

Our baby shoes promise gentle protection and maximum flexibility – with enough grip to aid stability during early explorations. Created specifically for babies’ soft rounded feet, our pre-walker shoes are lightweight and flexible to encourage natural, unrestricted movement.

Explore our pre-walker collection

With a range of pre-walking shoes for girls and boys available in multi-width, whole and half size fittings, you’ll find the perfect pair for their little feet.