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PE classes and the perfect PE shoes

At Start-Rite, we’re big believers in encouraging kids to get active and move their bodies at school. It’s a big part of the reason why we’ve worked so hard on making shoes that are supportive and comfortable. We want kids to feel secure and confident in their movement, whether they’re skipping through the school corridors, scampering across the playground, or sprinting across the sports fields.

Exercise is essential in keeping kids physically and mentally fit and healthy. One of the most important and effective ways of getting little bodies moving and feet running is PE classes.

Physical education provides kids with multiple benefits. It can help to:

  • • Improve physical health
  • • Develop motor skills
  • • Release stress and anxiety
  • • Help academic performance
  • • Teach teamwork and leadership skills
  • • Encourage self-discipline
  • • Develop healthy lifelong habits.

Physical health Making sure kids get enough exercise in the key to physical health. PE classes can provide kids with the recommended amount of exercise. This is important as it can help to prevent issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, sleep disorders and other illnesses from developing. Exercise can also help with healthy muscle and bone development.

Academic performance PE classes have been proven to help with academic performance as regular activity increases concentration levels and encourages better behaviour in energetic kids.

The change of scenery from books and writing is a great way of improving the pupils’ mood and motivation. With a better mood, students are more likely to work harder and better in their classes.

Mental health Physical activity releases endorphins, happy hormones that can lead to a better mood in children. It also helps with better sleep quality, which is important as sleep deprivation negatively affects the body's immune function, memory and mood.

PE shoes for school To get the most out of PE classes, the right shoes can help kids feel more confident and supported as they play. Our PE shoes are engineered to fully support little feet as they run, jump and skip.

Our shoes have biomechanically engineered with anti-slip, lightweight, flexible soles for natural, easy movement and healthy foot development, while padded ankles provide extra comfort and support. Breathable mesh linings also mean feet stay fresh for longer!

Girls PE shoes Our PE shoes for girls are sporty and comfortable. Available in a number of different colours, they’re free of any logos or marks making them very versatile and perfect for any school.

Built for sport, they have an adjustable strap, non-marking sole and padded ankle for extra support and comfort. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, they have cushioned in-soles for the ultimate in comfort and stability.

Whole and half sizes are available, as well as a variety of width fittings.

Boys PE shoes Our PE shoes for boys come in black, white and navy. With cushioned soles, padded ankles and adjustable fastenings, they’re the perfect option for all sports. Lightweight and breathable, they’re designed specifically to remain fresh and comfortable throughout the day while anti-bacterial linings stop active feet getting hot and sweaty.

All of our options are available in whole and half sizes and up to two width fittings.