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Welcome to Team Start-Rite

Hello to you and your little explorers! Welcome to our free rewards programme. At Start-Rite we are proud specialists in children’s footwear. Our sole purpose is to care for children’s feet, rooted in the belief that good foot health supports children’s happiness and well-being and contributes to their overall development into adulthood.

If accepted onto our team programme, you will be able to complete exciting tasks, where you’ll earn points that reward you with treats. This can be anything from amazing discounts, invites to VIP events or a chance to be featured on our blog. The more you interact with us on the programme, the more rewards you’ll receive.

Register today and let’s get started!

How it works

Complete challenges
Complete tasks as challenges that we set, such as tagging us in Instagram posts or sharing our posts.

Earn points
For each challenge you complete you'll be rewarded with points. The more tasks, the more points!

Level up
By making your way through the levels, you will unlock new rewards, such as free products, discounts and more!

Just joined

Simply complete two small tasks to earn 100 points to level up into our first tier.


Rewarded with 25% discount on full price products. Earn 500 points by completing challenges to level up.


Rewarded with 40% discount on full price products, free measuring gauge, monthly competitions and more! Earn 1500 points to level up.


Rewarded with 50% discount on full price products, new season previews, a free gift, a chance to feature on our blog and more. Earn 5000 points to level up.


Rewarded with a free pair of shoes of your choice, masterclass with experts, free delivery, chance to be featured in a Start-Rite shoot and more.

* percentage discount is valid on full price footwear only. Discounted products and polishes, gauges & accessories are excluded.