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Never outworn, only outgrown

At Start-Rite Shoes, we make fitted shoes engineered for comfort, support and confidence - to make moving all day feel good. We call it The Rite Way. RITE stands for our core values:


We aim to be experts in children's foot health and we're committed to the quality of our care. Our shoes are made according to research and testing that goes beyond traditional industry standards.


We use cutting-edge science, data and insight to create the most comfortable, high-performing, hard-wearing shoes. We're shaping the future of children's footwear.


Our shoes are dependable. We bring together biomechanics-led design with the latest materials and technologies, to build shoes for the way children move today.


We've been making fitted children's shoes since 1792. We're timeless in our design, obsessive in our attention to detail, and restless in our quest.

The Rite Fit

The Rite fit

When shoes fit properly, they last longer. We make comfortable, adventure-worthy shoes that are custom fitted, and instantly loved - because they make moving all day feel good. Our shoes aren't just Rite for now, they're fit for the future.

The Rite Support

The Rite support

The Rite support means all-day comfort. When kids are comfortable, they feel confident. Our shoes offer lightweight flexibility, enhanced grip and breathable protection. With adjustable fastenings, they're quick to get on - and good to go.

The Rite Choice

The Rite choice

Sound familiar? We've been caring for children's feet since 1792. For every pair of our shoes fitted, worn and loved, we've always been the Rite choice. Kids rate our classic styles and parents value our smart design - so everyone's happy.