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We're here to give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want.

Girl in Start-Rite Shoes climbing steps
Boy in Start-Rite Shoes on a skateboard

The freedom to stride, skip or scoot into uncharted territory.

Baby in Start-Rite Pre-walking Shoes

And to discover something along the way. About their world. About themselves.

We think no two children are the same. We think no two days are the same. From party animals to action heroes. From lazy days to 'look at me' days.

Toddler in Start-Rite Boots

We think different is good.

Toddlers in Start-Rite First Walking shoes

We're here to help every child stay curious. To give them the comfort to go and go, the confidence to chase their dreams. To have their backs when they get knocked down.

We do what we do so that kids can be kids. We find inspiration in the ways they move. We treat them as our most important critics.

Girl in Start-Rite Boots walking down steps

We're here for the everyday pioneers.