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Whether it’s pounding the pavements on a scooter or rough and tumble in the playground, our school shoes give all-year, all-action performance to ensure they stand the test of time. Rigorously tested above and beyond industry standards, our school shoes offer unrivalled durability, grip and protection where it matters most.

Features and Benefits

Our boys’ and girls’ school shoes have biomechanically engineered soles with just the right amount of grip for natural, easy movement. We test our shoes against eight industry-standard guidelines including abrasion resistance, flex durability, hardness, compound density, tear strength, elongation strength, rigidity and grip. We’ve taken inspiration from the safety footwear industry to design school shoes with high performance grip and a unique tread design that exceeds industry guidelines.

Kids wear their schools shoes day in, day out so to ensure lasting wear we use durable materials such as vulcanised rubber and high performing nylon bonded threads, which are 15% stronger than conventional thread. Premium dyed through leathers means any scuffs can easily be polished out to keep shoes looking good for longer. Intelligently placed protection such as toe and heel bumpers help shield both the shoe and the toes inside it.

For super active kids we’ve designed super tough school shoes, to perform under any conditions with 360-degree protection. Every pair in our tough school shoe collection is rigorously tested and evaluated during its development and manufacture by SATRA, a global leading authority in footwear testing. And to be 100% confident our shoes hit the mark, their final test is in the wild – on the feet of real children.

  • •  Shoe materials tested to 500,000 steps
  • •  Flex tested 50,000 times to withstand over 1,100 miles, enough to last a full school year
  • •  Rip-tapes tested for 5,000 cycles – that’s on and off every day for 6 years
  • •  30,000 flexes immersed in water for waterproof movement and protection
  • •  Every new shoe is trialled in real life for over three months by kids, testing the fit and durability

We test against everyone else, and pass where others fail. Our school shoes are never outworn, only outgrown and they’re always tough on playgrounds.

Top Tips for Buying and Caring for School Shoes