Before you know it, it's time for school. The last thing your child needs to worry about is uncomfortable school shoes, because they'll be wearing them day in, day out, for up to eight hours a day. They will need to be made from quality leathers for durability to cope with all those playground games!

Start-rite offers a variety of school shoes that look good and fit well for all ages. For older children from eight to 12 years old we have designed and developed the Rhino and Angry Angels brands, which have ranges specifically designed to meet the school footwear needs of this more fashion-concious age group, combined with the reassurance of whole and half sizes, multi width fittings and the superior quality for which Start-rite is renowned.

'It's important to get feet measured and buy school shoes that have been properly fitted, because their bones are not fully developed until they reach their late teens.'


School brings new activities:walking to school, running around the playground, playing team sports and organised activities which often combine a number of movements and skills.

You could try these activities to help your child develop:

  • Encourage your child to join in a team sport like football, netball or basketball
  • Teach your child to skate on roller blades or a skateboard
  • Go out for country walks or bike rides as a family, with the enticement of a picnic
  • A mini-trampoline is a fun way to get a good workout

The older children get, the more style concious they become but these days you don't have to sacrifice fashion for fit. Start-rite school shoes look good and comply with school uniform regulations, as well as offering all these important features:

  • Stylish designs in high quality leathers ensuring great looks and durability.
  • Whole and half sizes in up to five width fittings from D to H, to ensure best fit.
  • Rip tape fastenings to make putting shoes on quick and convenient for kids who are in a hurry to get going.
  • Soft and supple leather uppers to avoid rubbing, and dyed-through leather so that scuffs and scrapes will be easier to conceal with a good polish.
  • Breathable linings for maximum comfort, allowing perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe.
  • Lightweight, flexible non-slip soles in different styles, although older childrens heels should not be too high
  • Built in growing room around the toes, to allow for growth.

Once your child is of school age, you should check the fit of their school shoes every three or four months.