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How to clean school shoes

Our mission is that Start-Rite shoes are never outworn, only ever outgrown. As your child matures through primary school, it’s important to check the size of their feet frequently. We recommend checking their size every term and to make this easy, you can keep one of our measuring gauges at home. Especially check the foot size if you notice your child has gone through a growth spurt.

Girl wearing school shoes

If your child does not need to go up a shoe size, then you will want to keep their shoes clean and tidy to preserve their usable lifetime. Everyday wear and tear in a child’s foot means scuffing, kicking, dragging, jumping, climbing, skipping and running! Children’s shoes are certainly put through their paces, so our school shoes are packed with added features such as scuff protection, breathable linings and moulded rubber soles to keep them going for as long as your child needs them.

Here is our guide to keeping shoes clean. We’ve also answered some of the top questions we have seen asked online.

How to clean school shoes.

Don’t forget the preparation. Before cleaning, remove laces and undo bars with touch fastenings.

Next, clean your shoes with a soft brush to remove any dirt, mud or dust. This will prevent residue getting trapped beneath the polish.

How to polish school shoes.

Once clean, apply a thin coating of polish in small circular motions with a cloth and rub in well. Allow to dry fully.

How to make school shoes shine.

Use a clean, soft cloth to get rid of any small particles of polish residue that are left. To add a sheen finish to your polished shoes, use a lint free cloth and buff rigorously to achieve the desired level of shine.

Answers to other top questions:

Can I put school shoes in the washing machine?

We do not recommend putting Start-Rite school shoes in the washing machine. The intense water will affect the breathable linings and could misshape the shoe. Polish is the way to go to keep your children’s shoes looking like new and we’re proud to now offer shoe care products in our range.

Can you put school shoes in the dryer?

The same answer as above, the enclosed high temperature is not be recommended if you wish to prolong the life of the glue, the leather uppers and the rubber soles.

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