How to keep slip-on shoes from falling off

Girl and boy wearing Start-Rite Shoes

Slip-on shoes are perceived by many children as very grown-up. So many little girls have attempted to potter about the house in mummy’s heels, approximately eight sizes too big!

Aside from high heels, a typical adult slip-on has a flat sole that doesn’t provide appropriate heel cushioning and shock absorption. Classic flats can also change the way you walk and stand, which can interfere with your natural motion. Wearing slip-on flats as a child can have a long-term effect on the way the child develops because the classic slip-on shape does not provide the correct support that a child’s growing foot needs.

We do offer a selection of slip-ons for children who are super keen on the aesthetic. The key to our slip-ons is that they all feature a high back to grip the heel and a longer upper that extends up towards the arch further than many adult slip-on shoes do. In this way we are able to provide the style along with the shape and substance that children need.

In our collection, Sketch is a smart loafer with the classic tassel and fringing which includes Air Rite technology for all day comfort. Penny 2 is an alternative loafer design without the tassel detail. Inspire is a fashion-first ‘slipper’ style with an oversized bow detail. Even this more delicate slip-on style includes our smart Air Rite technology. For boys, College features a sculptured heel and biomechanically engineered soles for added grip. With concealed elastic to aid dressing and undressing, these shoes are packed with our proprietary intelligence to keep senior boys comfortable and looking sharp all day long.

Once you have chosen the right slip-on style for you, how do you keep slip-on shoes from falling off? Here are things to look out for:

Check the fit is right

There might be a little natural slippage but if the heel is coming free from the shoe then you should check that you have the right size. If you are unsure, use this guide to check the fit of your children’s shoes. It’s very important that children are wearing correctly fitted shoes. If a child is wearing slip-ons that are too big, then they will need to grip their toes to keep the shoe on. This will preclude them from walking correctly, will send the wrong information to the brain and can damage the child’s natural development. You should also consider if a slip-on shoe is right for the shape of your foot and a fitting expert can advise you on the shapes that will suit you best.

Wear non-slip socks

Tights and socks that include sticky pads on the sole are widely available. The idea is that they will help suction your foot to the inside of the shoe and prevent heel slippage. While they are not perceived as effective as bare feet when walking without shoes on, they are an option to try when wearing shoes where heel slippage is an issue.

Try shoe insoles or heel grips

An insole acts as a cushion within the shoe and will effectively reduce the space on the inside of the shoe, to reduce movement. However, this isn’t always the case with slip-ons. There are also heel grips available to buy. The heel grip sticks to the back of the shoe, to reduce the space and cushion the heel – which is also an option if you are wearing shoes with bare feet and there is a potential to rub a blister. However, neither of these options are failsafe and the first port of call must be to wear correctly fitting footwear.

Wear breathable shoes

Sweat will make your feet slip within your shoes so look for shoes that are breathable, in our case those that have Air Rite technology built into them. Designed to know exactly where children’s feet get hot, Air Rite allows targeted airflow to support the body’s regulation system and help reduce sweating. Designed to cope with a variety of terrains and weather conditions, Air Rite technology stops water from getting in whilst allowing air to flow around the foot so feet keep fresh and comfortable for longer.