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How to label school shoes

School shoes and bag

Buying a pair of quality school shoes is an investment. It’s an investment in your child’s healthy development, their confidence and their ability to concentrate - both in the classroom and when actively playing outside. If your child feels unencumbered and free to move and not distracted by discomfort, then they will get the very most out of their day and their body will thank them for it. A pair of quality shoes is an investment that parents are willing to make for the benefit of their child, but the moment that investment walks into the school gates, you’ll also want to protect the fact it will make it home on the end of those precious feet at the end of the day!

We know the feeling when children mix up uniforms after sports class and children have been known not only to come home with someone else’s shoes on, but to come home with only one shoe on! Give your investment the best chance of sticking with the right pair of feet by naming them clearly. Here’s our guide to naming school shoes.

How to label School Shoes

You can buy name labels specifically for shoes, but there is also a variety of home DIY options available to parents.

You can use fabric plasters as sticky labels. Simply write the child’s name on the top with an indelible marker and cut to size. Stretch as you stick them onto the insole or underside of the tongue. Check each week and re-label if necessary – they won’t last as long as professional labels but this is a cost-effective option.

If you have bought embroidered, traditional style name labels as many parents do, that require being sewn into garments, then you can sew the name label into the underside of the tongue.

Labelling school shoes with a sticker

There are a number of professional shoe naming labels available to buy. School outfitters provide a service or there are many selling direct online where you can ask for the child’s name to be printed onto the sticker.

We also have an option of name labels for shoes. Our name labels are self-adhesive, durable and long lasting and come in packs of eight.

To avoid the most wear on the label, attach to the underside of the tongue or along the inner side of the shoe.

Step 1: Write the child’s name with a permanent marker onto the name label while it’s still fixed to the backing paper.

Step 2: Choose where you will fix the name label to the shoe. We recommend underside of the tongue or the inner side of the shoe.

Step 3: Ensure the location for the name label is free from dust.

Step 4: Carefully peel the sticker from the backing paper, pull taught and stick it into the shoe, ensuring there is no air trapped under the sticker.

Please check monthly for wear and replace as required.

Labelling school shoes using black marker

Many parents choose to write the child’s name directly onto the shoe and some shoes have a naming label already sewn into the tongue of the shoe.

Choose a permanent marker with a fine nib. With a fine nib, the ink is less likely to be absorbed and run into the fabric. A larger nib is more likely to smudge and render the name illegible.

Look for laundry markers that are designed for this purpose. Most laundry markers come in black ink, which is less likely to fade over time. However, younger children might prefer their name to be written in their favourite colour and if young shoes go walk about, a bright coloured name will be easier to spot.

Our collection of Angry Angels Senior Girls Styles have a black lining. Seek out a permanent metallic marker in silver to name the shoes with some extra sass and style!

If your child is starting school for the first time this year, here are some other items to think about labelling that might not have occurred to you:

  • Winter coat or raincoat, especially easy to forget if they wear it outside of school too
  • Packed lunch box
  • Book Bag
  • Reading folder
  • PE bag
  • One last tip from us - if the label doesn’t have enough room for the child’s forename and surname, we suggest using the first initial and surname to avoid any confusion with children who have the same forename. This also works well for other items of clothing that you might want to pass down to younger siblings to wear.

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