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Keep Moving Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our Keep Moving Competition. We had hundreds of entries and it was great seeing how your children have been keeping themselves entertained during lockdown.

We are delighted to announce the winner and runner-up and share their wonderful creative entries below. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did…


Lottie, age 7

We loved the thought, care and imagination that went into Lottie's beautiful creations. We can imagine the smiles she brought to people faces during the tough times of lockdown. We're delighted Lottie is our winner, and as her prize, we've sent her a GOPRO HERO7 Camera so she can continue to capture and share her wonderful designs. Read what Lottie had to say about her creations below...

Lottie creations

Credit @louisefernebrown

“Hello! My name is Lottie. I find rock painting most fun in lockdown because I get to wake up every day and put on my art shirt! I get to paint outside and make things pretty.

I have been painting rocks for four years now and have a Facebook page in my area called “Fulford Rocks”. It’s a kindness project, you decorate a rock and hide it. People find them and post a picture and keep it or hide it. It’s a game. I usually hide them for my friends and local people to find, but since I can’t right now I am decorating my garden instead. I’ve got loads now haha. They go alllll the way around.

It’s fun because every day I can just design rocks with pictures or words, anything I can think of. I have done lots of African animals and African art Tingatinga style because my teacher sends my mum work on this. I did loads of key worker rocks too and made them into a heart shape because they are working hard to keep safe. I like doing rainbow ones and dressing up like a rainbow. My neighbours and the postman like my rocks too.”


Ruby age 8 and Summer age 2

During these unusual times we could all do with a good giggle, so when sisters Ruby and Summer set up their own Circus Tent in their garden to share with us their favourite jokes and put on a performance, we couldn’t help but pick them as our runners-up. As their prize, they've won a year's worth of Start-Rite shoes. Click HERE to see them in action. Credit @plentyofreesons

Ruby and Summer

Below are some other fantastic entries that we thought deserved a mention…

Drawing art

Drawing is a lovely hobby for children and we loved this creative work by Leana, age 7. Credit @lastsummerni

Space crafts

Homemade space crafts make for a very exciting day. We’re told this involves making a jetpack from bottles, a helmet from a balloon and papier mache, and then you can fly to the moon and explore! Credit @homemadekidscrafts

Building a den fun

There’s so much fun to be had in making your own den and hiding out! It’s a time for reading, learning and dressing up! Credit @jemma_w85

Volcano fun

You can’t beat some messy fun. We loved seeing Amelia making volcanos for her dinosaurs with coloured vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Credit @lou_and_ameliapluseddie