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Our guide to play this springtime

Girl and boy wearing Start-Rite Lottie

The excitement around this time of year is palpable. Daffodils, crocus and primrose abound on roadsides and in woodland. The change in seasons seems the epitome of a British way of life, as we anticipate and appreciate the nature around us, exploring our ancient woodlands and adoring our gardens. This time of year is perfect for little hands and explorers keen to understand the evolution of nature.

While exploring with little ones, if you combine exploration with ‘play’ techniques then it will help your little one grow in confidence. The idea is that if an adult engages in the activity, setting targets, providing support and celebrating achievements, then the child will gain a stronger sense of achievement in their ability, for healthier development.

Here are some ideas to engage and challenge children while on walks during springtime.

The best nature games to play with toddlers and children.

With younger toddlers, explore nature together identifying all the different colours, along the roadside or in woodland. Find the purple flower with the orange inside, the tall yellow flower and then the small yellow flower. Stand still and listen to all the sounds of the outside. Can they impersonate a sound that you can hear?

Older pre-school aged children can be challenged by goal orientated tasks. Who can find a tree stump to jump from? Can you count 10 daffodils? Take a natural treasure hunt – fastest to find three stickman shaped sticks, find five nests up high in the trees, find rabbit holes in the undergrowth.

Top tips to help children enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

Make sure your child is super comfortable in their footwear while they are exploring. As the weather warms up, try a pair of our canvas shoes in a large variety of colours and had drawn designs. The vegan-friendly shoes for children with flexible lightweight soles provide a non-slip base for natural, easy movement. The cushioned insoles and soft form footbed combined with breathable linings provide maximum comfort. Secured with highly adjustable buckle fastening, toddlers can find their independence with no holding back, given the shoes are also machine washable at 30 degrees.

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