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What to do with kids in winter

Mum and daughter baking festive cakes

Winter can be a wonderful and majestic time of year, but it can also be a challenge for parents as we try to find ways to keep our children entertained and active in colder and damper conditions. In this blog, we help parents with ideas of what to do with their children in the winter, both on weekends and snow days, as well as in the winter holidays.

Here at Start-Rite Shoes, we believe that getting out and about isn’t just for the summer when it’s warm outside. So, let's jump into some festive fun activities that both you and your children can enjoy this winter.

What to do with children in winter

There’s a saying: "There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!" Here at Start-Rite, we couldn’t agree more. That's why we offer a range of winter footwear options, from girls wellies featuring bold colours and cheerful motifs to rugged boys boots. Additionally, our Waterproof Protector Spray helps keep footwear water-tight for longer, making it easier for families to explore the great outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Here, we discover some simple and inexpensive activities that parents can do with their children outdoors during the winter season. We've also provided a few fun indoor activities in case the weather gets particularly bad.

Go for a winter walk

Going for a walk might not sound like much of an activity, but it can be made much more fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt or an I-Spy game, where children can look for things like stones, leaves or twigs. Parents could even hide items around the garden for children to find, adding an element of adventure and surprise.

Another idea is to explore the local neighbourhood with your children and encourage them to take photos of things they find interesting, such as street names, different kinds of plants or animals. And don’t forget to fill a flask with hot chocolate or incorporate a stop-off at your local coffee shop for a cosy warm-up treat for you and your family!

Build a snow castle

When the white fluffy flakes fall from the sky, turning the world into a magical winter wonderland, it's time to build snowmen and make snow angels. But have you ever considered putting a winter twist on a traditional summer beachside activity by building a snow castle? Who says castles are only for sand! You can adapt this classic activity to winter by building snow sculptures, creating drawings in the snow, or even dusting off the discarded buckets and spades and playing with them in a temporary "snow pit" instead of a sandpit. There are ‘snow’ many possibilities when it comes to wintertime fun!

Have a snowball competition

Snowball fights are typically a winter activity staple, but if parents are worried about little ones getting hurt or getting too cold if snow gets inside their clothes, a target-based competition can be a fun alternative.

A clear wall or a tree can act as a target for throwing snowballs. Parents can even draw a face or picture on the target and get creative with the competition objectives. It can be a simple reward system, such as who gets closest to the target is the winner, or by assigning points per hit of certain targets.

Whatever wintery activity parents choose to embark on, it’s important to make sure that children are correctly dressed for the weather, beginning with their feet. Start-Rite Shoes provides fully-fitted footwear for children, including girls wellies and boys winter boots. Our shoes are designed with comfort and safety in mind so that children can enjoy outdoor activities without any discomfort. Furthermore, parents can use our Waterproof Protector Spray to help keep their children's footwear water-tight for even longer.

When do kids break up for Christmas?

In the UK, children typically break up from school for Christmas sometime in the last week before the festivities begin. However, the exact date varies year on year and between schools and local regions across the county, so it’s always best to check each child’s school and council websites for exact dates.

For children, the Christmas holidays are always filled with anticipation and excitement. For parents, the unpredictable winter weather conditions and keeping excited little ones entertained is a challenge. That’s why it's a great idea to have a few fun indoor activities on hand when you need them. We've compiled a list of easy indoor games and activities that families can enjoy together.

Here are some fun indoor ideas to keep your family entertained when the weather is bleak or when you're simply looking for activities to do during the winter break:

Bake festive treats: One of the simple pleasures of winter is cosying up inside and baking some delicious treats. Children can enjoy baking and it's a great way to bring the whole family together. Get festive with a gingerbread house or make some healthy, delicious snacks like energy balls or date squares.

Get crafty: Winter is a perfect opportunity for kids to get crafty and unleash their creativity. There are so many art activities to choose from, such as making a collage using old magazines, creating snowflakes from paper, or painting a winter landscape. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for simple and easy craft ideas for kids.

Host a games afternoon: Winter is also the perfect time for family game afternoons. Gather the family and get ready for some fun. Some traditional board games like Snakes and Ladders or simple card games like Snap or Uno are great options for younger children. Classics like Twister, Charades and other party games like Pictionary are also fun ways to keep kids entertained.

With these engaging indoor activities, your family can have a fantastic time together, even when the weather keeps you indoors. So, gather around the kitchen, the craft table or the game board, and enjoy quality time together during the winter season.

Remember, winter can be a magical time of year, and with a little planning, children and parents alike can enjoy it to the fullest. From winter walks to building snow castles, try something new this year and create lasting memories with your family.